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On this page you will find private links two tracks as well as photos to download and use.
These tracks were release 15th Jan 2019.
Please get in touch if you would like more information or wish to use these photos.
You can email by clicking here or heading to the contact page.
Run | Si Cliff | Live Recording
Courage | Si Cliff | Live Recording


The track 'Run' started out as two separate voice recordings of the chorus melody and bass line. An idea that I arranged on guitar later that week into what you hear now. The starting grove of the verse came to me when practising, and it fit so well. These days we have lots of chances not to face up-to things, many apps and endless media sources to preoccupy us. We can find excuses to put real life and decisions on hold when the time to do them is now. We can end up being consumers rather than creators- that's what both of these songs are about.
The lyrics, chords and melody in the track 'Courage' were written all at once, which is rare for me. I usually start with an idea on the guitar first. At this point in time, I felt my own music had got lost in my other work- playing music for other artists, teaching guitar, playing function bands etc.. 'Courage' is my statement song- it is about finding courage to pursue your passions, to be bold, and fulfil who you are.
In the past couple of years i've been writing riffs, ideas and songs, saving them on audio recorders, or discarding them because I didn't feel confident to finish them. The music scene is competitive and I'm often a bad salesman of my own music (like lots of creatives!). After years of playing and writing I know it is right to believe in yourself. This release marks the time to dig through the demo tapes, and start sharing my music again.
Si Cliff


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