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Guitar & Vocals

We have played music in the background (restaurants & bars) or in the
foreground at weddings or birthday parties.

Mersailles - Duo - Sample Audio

Electric guitar and soulful voice

Si has played hundreds gigs and concerts in a variety of settings. Wether it be
background music with a great vibe for restaurant from solo, duo or a more
full band we have you covered on this page!
Take 5 - Player - Solo
Two Of Us
Instrumental Guitar Music
PA System can be provided (extra change)
Equipment Detail Below
SM58 vocal mic with stand 
SM57 mic with stand
Spare 3rd Peavey mic
DI for guitar/keyboards in mixer

PA System
 - Mixer Yamaha EMX SC12
12 channel mixer
FX  include reverb, compression and EQ to provide best sound
 -2 speakers/2 stands
 - Extension Lead
 - RCD plug
 - 2 optional monitors


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