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Free Lessons

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Beginner Sheets - rock / pop
β–ͺ Beginner Lessons Pack - 5 sheets
β–ͺ Modes Scales Chords
β–ͺ Exercises (fretting hand)
β–ͺ Major Scales & Arpeggios
β–ͺ Minor Scales & Arpeggios

β–ͺ 7th Chord Shapes
β–ͺ Rhythm Practice Sheet 1

β–ͺ Learning The Notes

β–ͺ Triads Chord Shapes - Major & Minor Chords

β–ͺ A Minor Pentatonic 5 Shapes  v2 Tab

β–ͺ Chord Inversion Sheet 1

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β–ͺ Harmonic Minor - Arpeg & Licks  πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Rock & Pop Riffs -19 Riffs  πŸ”‘

β–ͺ 13th Chords - Maj/Min/Dom πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Targeting Chords in Solos πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Playing the Changes (chords) πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Melodic Minor - Arpeggio & Licks  πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Sliding Your Way Round The Blues πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Diminished Lesson & Licks πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Spread Triads/Displacement πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Chord Voicing/Drop Chords πŸ”‘

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Lesson Packs - available in store

β–ͺ Advanced Arpeggios, Hidden Arpeggios & Chord Changes
(Jazz chords, using 'All of Me') - coming soon! πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Harp Harmonics & Natural Harmonics

β–ͺ Pick Technique 1 Pack
(chords, rhythm guitar & alternate picking - beginner to intermediate)

β–ͺ Playing the Changes - hitting chord changes in blues & jazz πŸ”‘

Songs / Pieces

β–ͺ E Blues Shuffle/Scale + Licks

β–ͺ Bon Iver - Holocene & Perth
   Standard Tuning 

β–ͺ Daft Punk  
   (Get Lucky & Harder Faster Stronger) 

β–ͺ Flippen Chords/Notes/Tab πŸ”‘

   (Punch Brothers & Vasen) 

β–ͺ Hotel California Melody & Harmony 

β–ͺ Vulfpeck - Dean Town 

β–ͺ Slow Dancing In a Burning Room

β–ͺ Canto De Ossanha - piece notation/pdf

- Jonathan Kreisberg entire piece & video πŸ”‘

β–ͺ So What - Miles Davis

β–ͺ Canto De Ossanha - Kreisberg πŸ”‘

β–ͺ River Man - Nick Drake
β–ͺ  Someone In Love - Bb/G/IIV

β–ͺ  Minor Swing
   (Melody Harmony & Rhythm)

β–ͺ Shape of My Heart - Sting

β–ͺ Funky Song! (blues funkyness)

β–ͺ Cissy Strut - The Meters

β–ͺ Happy - Pharrell Williams


Jazz - Lead Sheets & arpeggios

β–ͺ All of Me Lead Sheet 

β–ͺ All of Me arpeggios πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Autumn Leaves πŸ”‘

   Chord/Melody Arpeggio & bass 

β–ͺ All the Things You Are Lead Sheet

β–ͺ All the Things You Are ArpeggiosπŸ”‘

β–ͺ Playing the Changes (All of Me) πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Gypsy Jazz Chords/Changes πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Minor Swing 

β–ͺ How High The Moon Lead Sheet

β–ͺ How High The Moon arpeggios πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Just Friends Lead Sheet

β–ͺ Just Friends Arpeggios πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Someone In Love Chord Numbers

β–ͺ Someone In Love Chord/Melody πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Comping Chords πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Canto De Ossanha - J Kreisberg πŸ”‘

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Theory - Aural, Harmonic/Chords, Modes etc

β–ͺ Interval Recognition Aural Singing
β–ͺ Modes/Scales/Chords Relationships

β–ͺ Chord Numbering Systems / Nashville Numbering System 7 pages


Compact Level/Grade Sheets

β–ͺ Stage 1 Sheet - Compact Grade 1/2 Knowledge Sheet 

β–ͺ Stage 2 Sheet - Compact Grade 2/3 Knowledge Sheet
β–ͺ Stage 3 Sheet - Compact Grade 4/5 Knowledge Sheet πŸ”‘
β–ͺ Stage 4 Sheet - Compact Grade 5/6 Knowledge Sheet πŸ”‘

Blank Sheets For Download - to use in lessons

It is important you keep track of your practice & your improvement.. 

β–ͺ Blank Chord 6 Boxes/Tab

β–ͺ Blank Notation & Tab (2 Page)


β–ͺ Guitar Neck Diagram - notes names on strings

β–ͺ Guitar Practice Routines (advice booklet)

β–ͺ Lesson Diary 

β–ͺ Practice Activity Timetable 

β–ͺ Daily Practice Char

β–ͺ Practice Sticker Chart


Song / ch1art collection - Chord Charts πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Log In To View - Superstition,  Hallelujah,  Kathy's Song, Pride

& Joy, Asturias, Limit to Your Love, My Baby  Just Cares, Rock With You.. etc..

Extra Links / Resources 

β–ͺ Tommy Emmanuel Pieces- Notation& Tabs πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Bluegrass Lead Guitar Pieces - Notation & Tabs πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Gypsy Jazz Guitar Pieces - 24 page booklet πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Backing Tracks πŸ”‘


Jazz Lead Sheets 

β–ͺ Darn That Dream πŸ”‘  β–ͺ Autumn Leaves πŸ”‘

β–ͺ I'll Be Seeing You πŸ”‘  β–ͺ Lullaby of Birdland πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Corcovado πŸ”‘            β–ͺ I Remember You πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Round Midnight πŸ”‘    β–ͺ Ladybird πŸ”‘

β–ͺ I Got Rhythm πŸ”‘         β–ͺ Misty πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Rhythm Changes.. πŸ”‘β–ͺ Take the A Train πŸ”‘

β–ͺ Stella By Starlight πŸ”‘


β–ͺ Jazz Analysis external video playlist  πŸ”‘

A great list of helpful in depth videos analysing chord structures, keys, interchange and progressions in Jazz songs. Including All of Me, Misty, Autumn Leaves, etc..

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