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The album was recorded in 2013 at Si's home in London.
The album is Si's first real musical statement and is a result of Si questioning what music means to himself and what role music plays in his life. Years of writing and gigging with other artists and bands has caused Si to look within himself and discover his own intricate melodies, chord sequences and musical arrangements inviting others to put some time aside and let his music take them on a journey.

'Memories' is the result of what happens when a self producing singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist is left on his own in a room for too long. The album features a whole variety of instruments including cello, violin, double bass, flute, drum kit, piano, soprano choir with Si playing the guitars, ukuleles, banjo, percussion, vocals, arrangements and other additional instruments. The two final tracks on the album were recorded live at the Albany Theatre in Depford with a horn section and full band and area snapshot of a live performance that kick started the making of 'Memories'.

The songs were all written by Si on his guitar reflecting on the last few years as he moved from Cheshire to London. The title track 'Memories' is inspired by the film 'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and the lyrics reflect on issues in the film regarding the past and like with a dream memories can be easy forgotten and how a memory is a precious thing..

EPK // Interview & behind the scenes

The Album Launch

Si Cliff | Memories Album EPK - Interview & behind the scenes

Si Cliff | Memories Album EPK - Interview & behind the scenes

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