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London based musician debut album

Si Cliff is a musician & singer songwriter based in South East London. Memories is his self recorded/produced debut album.

Si has been playing music in London for a number of years starting out in folk clubs around Cheshire where he grew up. Over the years Si has played in a number of bands as well as playing for other artists, while all the time in the background working on a project of his own. In 2007 he studied music at Goldsmiths University and there started writing music and putting together a band that would shape the sound of his own songs. Si's writing is inspired by acoustic singer songwriters and players of all styles (Tom Baxter, Nick Drake, John Martyn, John Mayer, Tommy Emmanuel etc) and keeps the acoustic guitar central to the songs. 

Additionally Si plays various instruments in the 5 piece folk band the Pigeon Heroes and alongside other bands and artists. Si is also involved as a songwriter, producer and arranger for a number of other artists.

His new project 'Hymns Vol.1' is part of a series of instrumental arrangements and reharmonisations of older pieces of music. Drawing on inspiration from piano players and film composers Si has presented these pieces in a live performace on solo guitar. The three pieces that make up this first E.P. are very personal to Si as growing up in church he would sing them. Read more about them on the yotube videos that are recorded live.

The main musicians in Si's band are Kevin Andrews (bass), Lloyd Musto (drums) and Mercy Adjepong along with a number of other musicians featuring on the album and in live shows.

To read more about Si's debut album 'Memories' head over to the album page or listen to the tracks go to the music page.


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