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LEsson Demonstration

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Sample Sheet 1 - Beginner

My aim is to give you the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals, for you to gain in confidence in yourself and enjoy playing music.
A mixture of guitar techniques, applied relevant theory and sheets/videos so you can apply them to real playing and real life situations. 
My teaching method is informed by years of playing and teaching over 150 students privately and in 5 different schools/colleges. This covered a wide variety of styles, musical tastes and students whole a range of ambitions on the guitar. From songwriters who want to play a mic night, to serious guitarists who want to solo live. 
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Blank Sheets - to use in lessons

It is important that you keep track of your practice and your improvement. 

β–ͺ Blank Chord 6 Boxes/Tab β–ͺ Blank Guitar Tab (2 Page) 

β–ͺ Blank Notation & Tab (2 Page) β–ͺ Blank Chord 12 Boxes/Tab 

β–ͺ Lesson Diaryβ–ͺ Practice Activity Timetable β–ͺ Daily Practice Char



Compact Level/Grade Sheets

The sheets below will give you an idea of your level/grade on your instrument

β–ͺ Stage 1 Sheet - Compact Grade 1/2 Knowledge Sheet 

β–ͺ Stage 2 Sheet - Compact Grade 2/3 Knowledge Sheet

β–ͺ Stage 3 Sheet - Compact Grade 4/5 Knowledge Sheet

β–ͺ Stage 4 Sheet - Compact Grade 5/6 Knowledge Sheet

Sample Sheet 3 - Advanced

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Sample Sheet 2 - Intermediate

Lesson format;

β–ͺ Materials available beforehand - depending on lesson.
You can get comfortable with them prior to lesson.
β–ͺ 45mins Skype Lessons
(excluding preparation time by myself)
β–ͺ Goals discussed   β–ͺ Work through pieces
β–ͺ Guitar Exercises   β–ͺ Set Practice Routines
Material is sent out early. I suggest you print out sheets
prior to the lessons so you can keep the screen clear.