Memories by Si Cliff

Lessons - how to practice, read rhythms and tabs

There is a great ammount of information avaliable on website and youtube that can help you with the basics of play an instrument
How to Practice

Practice sessions should be 20minutes (or more!), and as regular as possible 

Reading Tablature

There is one easy way to understand what they are playing, ready the music.
As he is doing rock grades you can also use guitar tablature (tab). This is displayed on lines underneath the notation.
See these videos for more help; 
Guide to guitar tab 1 -
Guide to guitar tabe 2 -
A different guide to guitar tab

The main thing to remember when reading tab is that the guitar is flipped upside-down. So the thick bass string is on on the lowest line like in conventional music.  

Reading Rhythms
Standard notation is written above the grade pieces and includes rhythms that will help with the timing of notes and chords. 
Guide to reading rhythms
Guide to reading rhythms 1 - (more videos follow this link)

Plectrum (pick) Technique
Guide to holding a pick 1 -
Guide to using a pick (picking) 2 -
Guide to using a pick (strumming) 3 -